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The unexpected death of a loved one is a devastating event that you never prepared for. The emotional toll of such a tragedy can be much harder to bear when another person or entity is to blame for your loss. Money will never replace your loved one; however, a wrongful death lawsuit can allow the family to fight for justice on behalf of their loved one by holding the responsible party accountable.

Types of Incidents that May Qualify as Wrongful Death

While wrongful death can be broad, it does not cover just any kind of incident that causes the death of another. The negligent or reckless behavior of another must have led to the tragedy. this can include a variety of incidents, with some incidents being much more obvious than others.

For example, the following could qualify as wrongful death claims:

  • Car accidents caused by drunk driving, texting, or other issues;

  • Workplace accidents caused by lack of training or supervision;

  • Assault, attacks, or other criminal actions that led to the death of another;

  • Malpractice by a doctor who failed to identify or treat an ailment correctly;

  • Drowning accidents due to property damage/premises liability;

  • Defective products or drugs that caused the user to suffer death.

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“How Can I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?”

In Indiana, the personal representative for the deceased’s estate is the person who files a wrongful death lawsuit. The personal representative must file the wrongful death lawsuit within two years from the date of death. Some exceptions apply.

What Types of Damages Are Available in A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

  1. Economic Damages – Economic damages include things such as funeral and medical expenses related to the death, loss of the deceased’s future earnings, and loss of the deceased’s future benefits.

  2. Non-Economic Damages – Non-Economic damages are things that have less tangible value. This includes pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of inheritance, and loss of consortium.

  3. Punitive Damages – Punitive damages are sometimes awarded in addition to economic and non-economic damages as a way of punishing the responsible party for willful or grossly negligent acts.

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