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Negligent Security Attorneys Serving Indianapolis, Indiana

Business and commercial property owners have a legal duty to maintain safe premises for individuals who lawfully visit their property. One of the primary measures for protecting the safety of visitors on commercial property is implementing appropriate security measures. Failing to provide adequate security can lead to sexual assault, robbery, murder, and other violent crimes. If you have been a victim of violent crime on commercial property, call or text (815) Wade-Law for a free and confidential consultation with an Indiana Negligent Security Lawyer.

Can I Seek Compensation After Being the Victim of A Crime?

Yes, you seek compensation after being the victim of a crime – If a property owner knew or should have known, that the crime might happen, and didn’t do enough to correct the problem. Here is a list of common negligent security cases in Indiana.

  • Shooting Or Stabbing Death on Any Business Property

  • Robbery In A Bank Parking Lot

  • Rape In A Hotel Room

  • Breaking and Entering An Apartment

  • Assault and Battery At A Bar (Bar Fight)

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Are Property Owners Always Held Responsible for Injuries or Deaths that Occur on Their Properties?

No. Indiana law requires landowners to take steps to prevent reasonably foreseeable acts of third parties when they know or should have known that criminal activity has occurred on the premises. “Foreseeability” typically requires proof of prior crimes at the location or very close. Here is how you prove that a property owner could have reasonably foreseen the crime:

  • Request Public Documents – Police grid reports show criminal activity in the area.

  • Speak with the responding officer – The officer may have additional knowledge about the property.

  • Speak with the criminal – The criminal may reveal why he or she selected the location

  • Speak with other residents – Other residents may have additional knowledge about criminal activity

Even if The Crime Was Foreseeable, how Do You Prove the Property Owner Was Negligent?

One of the primary measures for protecting the safety of visitors on commercial property is implementing appropriate security measures. Some of the most common examples of negligent security include:

  • Poorly Trained Security Guards

  • Security Guard Misconduct

  • Malfunctioning Surveillance Cameras

  • Broken Locks on Doors, Gates, Fences

  • Poor Lighting in entryways, hallways, staircases, and parking lots

  • Lack of Alarm System

If you are a victim of a violent crime, contact us immediately. We will dispatch our emergency response team to the property. This team consists of: Indiana negligent security Attorneys, private investigators, former law enforcement, and security experts.